Conference Papers

2019 Conference Papers – Minneapolis, Minnesota

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2017 Conference Papers – Vienna, Austria

Judicial Approaches to Overdefensive Responses to Claims Against Tax Officials (Tax Analysts)
John Bevacqua

Non-Judicial Means of Solving Tax Problems in Québec (Tax Analysts)
André Lareau,  Christiane Maurice

Protection of Taxpayer Rights in Multijurisdictional Disputes – A Stakeholder’s Perspective (Tax Analysts)
Cora O’Brien

Taxpayer Rights and the Role of a Taxpayers’ Charter (Tax Analysts)
Ian Young

Taxpayer Rights: Privacy and Transparency (Tax Analysts)
Ali Noroozi

Understanding the Accidental American: Tina’s Story (Tax Analysts)
Allison Christians

2015 Conference Papers – Washington, D.C.

All Papers from the Inaugural International Taxpayer Rights Conference (.pdf American Bar Association)

Introduction (.pdf American Bar Association)
Nina E. Olson

Tax as Everylaw: Interpretation, Enforcement, and the Legitimacy of the IRS (.pdf American Bar Association)
Alice G. Abreu and Richard K. Greenstein

The Right to Confidentiality and Privacy in an Age of Transparency (.pdf)
Philip Baker

Making Taxpayer Rights Real: Overcoming Challenges to Integrate Taxpayer Rights into a Tax Agency’s Operations (.pdf American Bar Association)
Amanda Bartmann

Revisiting rights theory and principles to prepare for growing globalisation and uncertainty (.pdf)
Duncan Bentley

The Role of PRODECON in the Protection of Taxpayer’s Rights (.pdf)
Diana Bernal

Bureaucratic Oppression and the Tax System (.pdf American Bar Association)
Leslie Book

Understanding the Accidental American: Tina’s Story (Tax Analysts)
Allison Christians

Rights to Confidentiality and Privacy In an Age of Transparency (.pdf)
Graeme Cooper

How Can Tax Collection Be Structured to Observe and Preserve Taxpayer Rights: A Discussion of the Practices and Possibilities (.pdf American Bar Association)
Keith Fogg and Sime Jozipovic

Challenges in “Operationalizing” Taxpayer Rights (.pdf)
Eric Mikhwane

Secrecy and Transparency in the Tax Administration (.pdf)
Joakim Nergelius

The Role of Inspector-General of Taxation in Australia (.pdf)
Ali Noroozi

“Cosy Deals”, Social Media and Tax Morale (.pdf)
Lynn Oats

Taxpayer Rights: A constitutional perspective. The Italian Taxpayer Bill of Rights 15 years on ‘at the top of the world’. But what about effectiveness? (.pdf)
Giovanni Tieghi

Contemporary Tax Administration – More Science than Art (.pdf)
Steve Vesperman